Dud's new 1985 R80RT

Just purchased in Albuquerque, NM by my son William, for me to ride when I visit him.

Description by previous owner:

I bought this bike 5 years ago with 44,000 miles on it. I worked with a local airhead to go through the engine. All maintenance has been done including having the valves adjusted, the spark plugs and wires replaced, the carbs cleaned and balanced and the splines lubed. Currently bike has 51,000 miles.

  1. Dual plugged.
  2. Clutch replaced with new BMW parts.
  3. Transmission has been opened and circlip issue resolved.
  4. New bearings in the transmission and installed a new fifth gear.
  5. Bruno in Canada repaired the drive shaft U joint.
  6. Decoked heads and pistons.
  7. Koni Shock.
  8. Literally hundreds of parts replaced with parts from Chicago BMW.
  9. Partial original tool kit.