Dud's Moto Guzzi with Hannigan and Fastbag

I just finished mounting the new Hannigan fairing on my 1971 Ambassador. I ordered it in spring 2009, received it in October 2009, sent it out for pinstriping to George Hurley, one of the teachers at the Ocean County Vo-Tech body shop class, and then (after hand surgery in November, and recover in December) mounted it the last week of 2009 and early 2010.

For winter riding, it's sporting the optional hand fairings. I've also got a radio mounted in the fairing with a headphone jack for my helmet speakers to plug into.

The trunk is a Fastbag, which was designed as a tailbag that you could strap to the back of your bike seat. I used it that way a few times, but was never really happy with using it that way because of the way that strapping it on the bike was conflated with strapping the contents inside, so you couldn't pack it without mounting it, and vice-versa. So now it's been modified to be a permanently mounted trunk, just because I think the shape of it complements the Hannigan.